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Taliban is fooling India’s foreign office

The signs of imminent surge in jihadist violence are visible everywhere, but Foreign Secretary Shringla prefers the comfort of the disingenuous promises made by the Taliban functionaries he has been meeting

Read More  By :Tony Fernandez 05 Sep 2021, 11:24

Taliban gain strength as US forces move out of Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden continues with his predecessor Donald Trump’s policy of disengagement in the war-torn Central Asian nation

Read More  By :Tony Fernandez 12 Aug 2021, 06:21

US designates 5 African Muslim leaders as terrorists

It means that all property and interests in property of these individuals must be blocked and reported to the US government. Also, anybody engaging with them could be exposed to the same designation

Read More  By :THC Bureau 07 Aug 2021, 03:03

India, China agree to disengage in Gogra along LAC in Western Sector

The troops in this area have been in a face-off situation since May last year

Read More  By :THC Bureau 06 Aug 2021, 11:03

Eastern Fleet ships to exercise with South East Asian navies

Indian Navy’s Eastern Fleet is scheduled to proceed on an overseas deployment to South East Asia, the South China Sea, and Western Pacific for over two months

Read More  By :THC Bureau 03 Aug 2021, 05:41

India’s military presence needed in Afghanistan

Non-alignment has crippled our foreign policy and practically ended India's role in Afghanistan

Read More  By :Rajesh Dikshit 12 Jul 2021, 09:38

Non-alignment empowers Taliban, makes Afghanistan hotbed of jihad

The evacuation of Indian staff and personnel from its consulate in Kandahar is a telling comment on the failure of the Nehruvian policy of non-alignment

Read More  By :Tony Fernandez 12 Jul 2021, 01:50

Chinese Communist Party: One hundred years of abomination

Xi and the CCP have left made it clear that they will continue to be as odious and unconscionable as they are now

Read More  By :Ravi Shanker Kapoor 10 Jul 2021, 02:25

Xi’s CCP centenary speech: China’s enemies will have their heads bashed

China has become a threat to mankind, but Xi presents it as a champion of world peace—in a language intended to intimidate the world

Read More  By :Rajesh Dikshit 02 Jul 2021, 09:26

Fauci, Grand Monarch of anti-science dogmas, claims to be Mr. Science

Fauci's agenda-oriented counsel not just did immense damage to the fight against Covid-19; his entire approach has been anti-scientific. And yet he claims to be Mr. Science

Read More  By :Ravi Shanker Kapoor 12 Jun 2021, 09:31





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