International Affairs

Pro-China lobby may have triggered US Navy’s action against India

There seems to be something fishy about US Navy's intrusion into Indian waters, something more than that meets the eye

Read More  By :Tony Fernandez 10 Apr 2021, 08:48

Imran Khan’s solution to rape: Adopt purdah

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has a stern message for women: observe purdah, otherwise you might get raped

Read More  By :Tony Fernandez 08 Apr 2021, 10:52

Wolf warriors can’t fool, threaten the world now

Global condemnation of the inhuman treatment meted out to the Uyghur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang has given a new lease of life to Beijing’s aggressive diplomacy

Read More  By :Ravi Shanker Kapoor 05 Apr 2021, 11:20

WHO’s Tedros toughens stance vis-à-vis China

Public opinion has forced WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to talk tough against China over coronavirus origin

Read More  By :Ramdev Bakshi 31 Mar 2021, 04:36

Quad, signifying change in India’s national defence doctrine, rattles China

The Quad may be the beginning of the discarding of the abomination called non-alignment by India

Read More  By :Tony Fernandez 27 Mar 2021, 04:44

How media, intellectuals encourage the likes of Colorado mass-murderer

The real problem in the reportage of and comment on the violent incidents like the Colorado supermarket shooting is that intellectual fads like political correctness and moral relativism take precedence over facts

Read More  By :Tony Fernandez 25 Mar 2021, 09:02

Philippines challenges China’s bullying despite Prez Duterte’s blunders

President Duterte is obsessed with good relations with Beijing ever since taking office in 2016 despite China's actions against his country

Read More  By :Tony Fernandez 23 Mar 2021, 01:35

Biden’s ‘killer’ remark about Putin helps Xi Jinping

By calling Putin a 'killer,' Biden diverts attention from Xi's crime against humanity

Read More  By :Tony Fernandez 19 Mar 2021, 11:56

Tedros, Bill Gates are bad news

The grandees like Tedros and Gates may masquerade as the saviors of mankind, but in reality they want to undermine the freedoms

Read More  By :Ravi Shanker Kapoor 31 Dec 2020, 07:43

Another awful report targets India

The Thomson Reuters Foundation survey, which says that India is the world’s most dangerous country for women, is an affront...

Read More  By :Ravi Shanker Kapoor 22 Jul 2018, 11:40
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