Very heavy rainfall expected in parts of Chhattisgarh

The National Weather Forecasting Centre of India Meteorological Department or IMD today forecast rainfall in various parts of the country

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Yogi Adityanath to be chief ministerial face poll 2022: BJP national V-P

Showing confidence in Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the Bharatiya Janata Party has said he would be the its...

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‘Reforms by conviction and incentives’ have replaced ‘reforms by stealth’: PM

India has replaced ‘reforms by stealth and compulsion’ with ‘reforms by conviction and incentives’

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UP CM imposes Gangster Act, NSA on duo converting people to Islam

UP ATS had arrested two persons, Umar Gautam and Jahangir, from Delhi on Monday for allegedly forcing 1,000 non-Muslims to embrace Islam

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Delhi High Court exposes Modi’s commitment to civil liberties at G-7

At the G-7 summit Narendra Modi championed the freedom of expression, but at home his government suppresses activists despite Delhi High Court’s order

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Delhi’s Covid toll: Number game can be manipulated for any political narrative

Till the reliable data become available, it’s more of an open season: one can let fly whatever narratives one wishes to in accordance with anecdotal accounts, one’s own impressions, or one’s politics

Read More  By :Kapil Malhotra 06 Jun 2021, 03:56

Delhi High Court slams Narendra Modi Govt for its clumsy Covid response

Delhi High Court said ‘some people need to be charged with manslaughter’

Read More  By :Mahesh Anand 05 Jun 2021, 09:10

SC rightly slams Narendra Modi Govt on vaccination

Arbitrariness and irrationality have been the essential features of not just the Modi government’s vaccination policy but also of many important decisions it took in the last seven years

Read More  By :Ramdev Bakshi 05 Jun 2021, 08:58

Like Nazi Germany, India also has SS—socialism and Swadeshi

India has a shortage of corona vaccines because our political masters are still wedded to the murderous ideologies of socialism and Swadeshi

Read More  By :Ravi Shanker Kapoor 17 Apr 2021, 03:13

Citizens have all responsibilities; Govt has power without responsibility

In the name of fighting Covid, our political masters are more focused on curbing individual freedom and civil liberties than taking appropriate steps

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