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UP minister Dharam Singh Saini quits BJP after Maurya, Chauhan

While it would be premature to say that Yogi Adityanath government is on its way out, the recent spate of resignations by BJP MLAs, including cabinet ministers, is indeed a worrying signal for ruling party

Read More  By :Ramdev Bakshi 13 Jan 2022, 07:21
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Penalty for Covid mess in reshuffle

Harsh Vardhan has been penalized for Covid chaos and Ravi Shankar Prasad for Twitter mess, Nirmala Sitharaman and Piyush Goyal have been spared despite economic mismanagement

Read More  By :Ramdev Bakshi 08 Jul 2021, 06:54
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SC rightly slams Narendra Modi Govt on vaccination

Arbitrariness and irrationality have been the essential features of not just the Modi government’s vaccination policy but also of many important decisions it took in the last seven years

Read More  By :Ramdev Bakshi 05 Jun 2021, 08:58
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Gujarat BJP chief slammed for distributing Remdesivir

The line between the ruling party and government should not be blurred as it has in China

Read More  By :Ramdev Bakshi 13 Apr 2021, 04:25
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Attack in Chhattisgarh shows Naxal menace is still there

Attack on security forces at Tarrem in Chhattisgarh is testimony to the undiminished threat of Naxalism, also called Maoism

Read More  By :Ramdev Bakshi 04 Apr 2021, 01:02
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WHO’s Tedros toughens stance vis-à-vis China

Public opinion has forced WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to talk tough against China over coronavirus origin

Read More  By :Ramdev Bakshi 31 Mar 2021, 04:36
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Kejriwal’s subsidized pilgrimage to Ayodhya distorts welfarism

All ideologies tend to become statism in India—and that includes anarchism, the exact opposite of statism. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s...

Read More  By :Ramdev Bakshi 18 Mar 2021, 10:59
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Govt can’t control media by danda

Instead of countering the ‘false’ narratives, the government should focus on improving its record of dealing with dissent and criticism

Read More  By :Ramdev Bakshi 17 Mar 2021, 01:26





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