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Delhi High Court exposes Modi’s commitment to civil liberties at G-7

At the G-7 summit Narendra Modi championed the freedom of expression, but at home his government suppresses activists despite Delhi High Court’s order

Read More  By :Rajesh Dikshit 17 Jun 2021, 05:27
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Allowing Kumbh Mela is case of excessive religiosity

By allowing Kumbh Mela during Covid surge, sanskaris are not helping but sickening the Hindus

Read More  By :Rajesh Dikshit 14 Apr 2021, 04:42
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Control mindset, Swadeshi hamper vaccination drive

Our political masters refused to learn form recent experience that control leads to shortages, thus triggering vaccine shortage

Read More  By :Rajesh Dikshit 12 Apr 2021, 02:08
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Politics, ideology drive Govt’s vaccination programme

India's vaccination programme is also intended to promote Swadeshi and nationalism

Read More  By :Rajesh Dikshit 09 Apr 2021, 03:51
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Flip-flop over small savings schemes shows lack of economic thinking

Narendra Modi government’s flip-flop over small savings schemes shows its casual approach towards important economic issues and disregard for the interests of its core constituency—the middle class

Read More  By :Rajesh Dikshit 01 Apr 2021, 11:40
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Param Bir letter against Anil Deshmukh stirs Maharashtra politics

Param Bir Singh’s letter to CM Thackeray against Deshmukh has exposed Maharashtra government to serious charges of corruption

Read More  By :Rajesh Dikshit 21 Mar 2021, 04:34
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How Govt made Pratap Bhanu Mehta a hero

Pratap Bhanu Mehta affair highlights Govt's penchant for creating new heroes

Read More  By :Rajesh Dikshit 21 Mar 2021, 11:08
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Harsh Vardhan’s presence at Coronil launch was avoidable

Coronil episode has underlined the fact that the authorities concerned are not very serious in countering the claims about medicines of questionable efficacy

Read More  By :Rajesh Dikshit 17 Mar 2021, 05:15





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