Yogi 2.0 looms large in Uttar Pradesh in run-up to Assembly poll

The tenacity, determination and strong leadership of Yogi’s public welfare have put the state in the fast lane

Mahendra Singh |

Yogi Adityanath

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (http://www.yogiadityanath.in/)

Uttar Pradesh is emerging as ‘New Uttar Pradesh’ by breaking the decades-old shackles of corruption, gundaraj, dynasty, and backwardness. Concomitantly, it is living up to the aspirations and expectations of 24 crore people.

About four and a half years ago, when Mahant Adityanath of Gorakhnath Peeth took over the reins of the state, no one would have even imagined such a thing.  Some political pundits, who were ignorant of the contributions of Gorakshpeeth, had even raised questions about his administrative acumen.

The tenacity, determination and strong leadership of Yogi’s public welfare have put the state in the fast lane. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is seen carrying out Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mantra of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ on the ground. Whatever the challenges, being a seasoned politician and competent administrator, he finds solutions and converts them into opportunities. The results are for all to see: the state has done very well in tackling the corona epidemic, executing development plans, taking welfare to the doorsteps of people without discrimination and appeasement, curbing muscle power, and attracting investors.

Now Yogi is going to complete his first term. It is certain in the state that election will be fought under the leadership of Modi-Yogi. Before the election, the discussion of Yogi 2.0 has begun in the state. The biggest challenge before the ‘scattered Opposition’ is that they don’t have any issues to focus on. For by realizing the concept of Antyodaya, the Yogi government is reaching every household. In Yogi 1.0, 24 crore people—who had been facing the brunt of casteism, appeasement and backwardness for decades—have tasted good governance based on ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’. This is the reason why the public is now raising the voice of ‘Yogi Phir Se’.

The people of the state, especially the middle class, had been facing the brunt of goondaraj for decades. Come to think of it: did any other Chief Minister have strength to tell in the Assembly that whoever takes the mafia with him, a bulldozer will also follow him? Chief Minister Yogi, as soon as assumed office, assured the public that he would create a fear-free environment, where only those living within the ambit of the law would have peace. Goons, mafias will either mend their way or will leave the state. Yogi seems to be fulfilling this promise.

The biggest success of Chief Minister Yogi is to free the development process in the state from casteism and appeasement. The benefits of development and government schemes started reaching the doorsteps of the people without irrespective of caste or faith, which shook the foundations of the parties which thrived on such divisions.

In the last four and a half years, crores of families of the state have benefited from schemes like ‘Ujjwala’, door-to-door access to clean drinking water, housing for poor families and toilets and this effort is going on. The important thing is that for the first time in the state all the schemes are on the ground, that too without any corruption and scams.

While Uttar Pradesh was on the path of development, the corona crisis started in India as well as the world. The first and second waves of corona created a furor in the country. This was also a biggest challenge for the Yogi government. It was a difficult path to protect the population of 24 crore and strengthen the health system, but Yogi Adityanath, realizing the gravity of the situation, took charge in his own hands.

In the war against corona, the UP government has proved that any situation can be faced with strong willpower amidst limited resources. By giving the message of “Jeevan Bhi Jeevika Bhi”, keeping in mind the interest of every section, the government not only opened the avenues of livelihood but also controlled Covid-19 with efficient management of health infrastructure.

The number of Covid vaccinations in the state has crossed the 7-crore mark, which is a record in the country. In the matter of testing also the state is far ahead as compared to other states. So far, more than 7.2 crore samples have been tested. The entire world is convinced of Yogi Adityanath’s corona management and is emphasizing on adopting the UP model for the prevention of epidemics.

When people of the state compare the last four and a half years with the previous governments, they clearly see a big difference. Investors who never had Uttar Pradesh on their radar now want to invest in the state. This is the reason that Yogi 2.0 is looking like a distinct possibility in the Assembly election to be held in early 2022. In the coming times, people want to give more momentum to this chariot of development, whose charioteer is Chief Minister Adityanath.

He took power with the spirit of service and, like a servant, proceeded on the path of duty. He strives for the all-round development of the state.


Dr. Mahendra Kumar Singh is a senior columnist and political analyst

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