George Orwell 2.0 in Karnataka

During the high-voltage drama in Karnataka, a lot of terms pertaining to domestication were used—flock, herd, poaching, shepherd, horse trading,...

Read More  By :Ravi Shanker Kapoor 17 Jun 2018, 11:47

Dalit tourism: When defeat finds a parent

Bharatiya Janata Party Parliamentarian Udit Raj is right in slamming his own party leaders’ stunt of eating at Dalit homes....

Read More  By :Ravi Shanker Kapoor 07 May 2018, 11:21

Left-liberal warning: If you are not with us…

Can a person disagree with the Left-liberal establishment and still be regarded as good, honourable, and decent? The answer is...

Read More  By :Ravi Shanker Kapoor 04 May 2018, 11:41

Sonia, a perfect hypocrite

Deceit and hypocrisy are not the preserve of the Bharatiya Janata Party. In her speech at India Today Conclave 2018,...

Read More  By :Ravi Shanker Kapoor 22 Mar 2018, 02:48

Nirmala Sitharaman’s inscrutable silence

What can our country expect from the Defence Minister who cannot even defend the soldiers who are politically targeted? Well,...

Read More  By :Ravi Shanker Kapoor 14 Mar 2018, 11:55

An essay in hypocrisy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address at the plenary session of the 48th World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, was...

Read More  By :Ravi Shanker Kapoor 24 Jan 2018, 01:10

A wannabe messiah in the company of traitors

The wannabe Dalit messiah, Jignesh Mevani, seems busy tying himself in knots. Instead of taking on the Narendra Modi government...

Read More  By :Ravi Shanker Kapoor 07 Jan 2018, 11:22

Sanskari nonsense over bar-b-que

That sentimentalism and sanctimoniousness have gone berserk in India is a truism. Could they be tamed? The answer isn’t very...

Read More  By :Ravi Shanker Kapoor 30 Dec 2017, 12:54

Modi’s Ashwatthama moment

Politics and social media are abuzz with the theory that Prime Minister Narendra Modi cut a deal with DMK chief...

Read More  By :Ravi Shanker Kapoor 23 Dec 2017, 11:50

Govt’s 2G lapse is inexcusable

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has weathered many a storm, often emerging stronger from the crises. Even the disastrous demonetization decision...

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