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‘Reforms by conviction and incentives’ have replaced ‘reforms by stealth’: PM

India has replaced ‘reforms by stealth and compulsion’ with ‘reforms by conviction and incentives’

Read More  By :Mahesh Anand 22 Jun 2021, 10:23
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Delhi High Court slams Narendra Modi Govt for its clumsy Covid response

Delhi High Court said ‘some people need to be charged with manslaughter’

Read More  By :Mahesh Anand 05 Jun 2021, 09:10
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J.R.D. Tata set up Tiss; its professor flays profit making by vaccine makers

One wonders how J.R.D. Tata would have reacted to such Leftwing propaganda by the professor of an institute he himself had set up in 1936

Read More  By :Mahesh Anand 20 Apr 2021, 03:00
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Nothing wrong if Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech ‘profiteer’

Narendra Modi government is guilty of adopting an anti-profiteering stance on corona vaccination but so are public health activists

Read More  By :Mahesh Anand 18 Apr 2021, 02:04
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SC comes to rescue of extortion victim

A Ranchi-based businessman was jailed for being victim of extortion by terrorists

Read More  By :Mahesh Anand 11 Apr 2021, 11:38
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RSS-linked body BMS scuttles GM tries, hurts seed industry

RSS bodies like Bharatiya Kisan Sangh and Swadeshi Jagran Manch have become the bane of sound economic and agricultural policies

Read More  By :Mahesh Anand 28 Mar 2021, 02:09
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Standing Committee report on Essential Commodities Act exposes Oppn’s hypocrisy

Oppn supports amendment to Essential Commodities Act at Standing Committee but opposes elsewhere

Read More  By :Mahesh Anand 20 Mar 2021, 09:00





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