After ruining world economy, China registers 18.3% growth

Xi Jinping regime is happy that Chinese economy has once again started booming and has succeeded in removing Donald Trump, the most powerful enemy they have battled in the post-Mao era

Tony Fernandez |

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping

There is a movie scene played out in many Hollywood and Hindi movies in which the hero walks with swagger off the bomb blast that he had triggered and towards the camera? This is what China has done recently; after destroying the world economy, and killing millions of people across the globe, it has announced that its economy has “made a good start.” In the first quarter of 2021, it registered the highest-ever growth rate of 18.3 per cent.

“The world’ second largest economy was the only major one to grow at all in 2020, supported by strong retail spending and industrial activity as well as better-than-expected exports as the virus hit markets around the world,” AFP reported.

Beijing released the GDP data as the Xi Jinping regime prepares for the centennial celebrations of the birth of the Chinese Communist Party in July. CCP bosses are happy; they have been boasting about their success in checking the novel coronavirus in the country and reviving the economy in a short time, while the rest of the world, including the Western nations, is reeling under the Covid-19 pandemic and facing a severe economic downturn.

Their happiness is twofold: first, their economy has once again started booming and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future what with the recession in the West, including the US, the world’s biggest economy; and second, China has succeeded in removing Donald Trump, the most powerful enemy they have battled in the post-Mao era.

There is not much direct evidence to prove that the Chinese deliberately spread the coronavirus in the world, but there is a mountain of circumstantial evidence to prove that this was the case. Further, there is no other way China’s strange behavior can be explained: continuous and persistent denial of the existence of a dangerously transmissible viral disease; refusal to share data with the World Health Organization and others in the first three weeks of January 2020; continuing flights with the rest of the world while knowing about the transmissibility of the coronavirus.

They knew about the nature of the virus, so they were able to control it with minimal damage—4,636 deaths. This is nothing for CCP thugs who killed 40-70 million of their own people during the Mao era. More importantly, over 97 per cent of these were in the Hubei province. Beijing and Shanghai, a few hundred miles away from the epicenter Wuhan, had fatality figures in single digits, while thousands of miles away in New York over 51,000 people died of Covid. These numbers suggest a design, not a vagary of events.

And the design was Trump’s removal. By December 2019, it had become evident that his impeachment would fail—and it did. It was also quite evident that America had done exceedingly well economically, geopolitically, and militarily. The economy was booming; the unemployment rate across ethnicities was very low (in some cases all-time low); peace was gaining ground in the Middle East with Arab nations recognizing Israel; and he was focused on military disengagement all over the world.

The only way Trump could have been brought down was a black swan event; the CCP bosses occasioned that—in the form of the coronavirus. Millions died, economies got ruined, tens of millions slipped below the poverty line, billions suffered (and are still suffering); from the CCP’s perspective, however, this was just collateral damage, something one shouldn’t be bothered about.

They have attained their goal. And now they are celebrating.

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