Hefty penalties proposed for traffic violations

Proposed Amendments in Various Penalties under Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill – 2016

Section   Old Provision / Penalty New Proposed Provision / Minimum Penalties
177 General Rs 100 Rs 500
New 177A Rules of road regulation violation Rs 100 Rs 500
178 Travel without ticket RS 200 Rs 500
179 Disobedience of orders of authorities Rs 500 Rs 2000
180 Unautorized use of vehicles without licence Rs 1000 Rs 5000
181 Driving without licence Rs 500 Rs 5000
182 Driving despite disqualification Rs 500 Rs 10,000
182 B Oversize vehicles New Rs 5000
183 Over speeding Rs 400 Rs 1000 for LMV

Rs 2000 for Medium passenger vehicle

184 Dangerous driving penalty Rs 1000 Upto Rs 5000
185 Drunken driving Rs 2000 Rs 10,000
189 Speeding / Racing Rs 500 Rs 5,000
192 A Vehicle without permit upto Rs 5000 Upto Rs 10,000
193 Aggregators (violations oflicencingconditions) New Rs 25,000 to

Rs 1,00,000

194 Overloading Rs 2000 and

Rs 1000 per extra tonne

Rs 20,000 and

Rs 2000 per extra tonne

194 A Overloading of passengers   Rs 1000 per extra passenger
194 B Seat belt Rs 100 Rs 1000
194 C Overloading of two wheelers Rs 100 Rs 2000, Disqualification for 3 months for licence
194 D Helmets Rs 100 Rs 1000 Disqualification for 3 months for licence
194 E Not providing way for emergency vehicles New Rs 10,000
196 Driving Without Insurance RS 1000 Rs 2000
199 Offences by Juveniles New Guardian / owner shall be deemed to be guilty. Rs 25,000 with 3 yrs imprisonment. For Juvenile to be tried under JJ Act. Registration of Motor Vehicle to be cancelled
206 Power of Officers to impound documents   Suspension of driving licenses u/s 183, 184, 185, 189, 190, 194C, 194D, 194E
210 B Offences committed by enforcing authorities   Twice the penalty under the relevant section



In a bid to making roads safe, the government has cleared the legislation for harsh penalties for violations, going up to 20 times the present stipulation. The Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, approved the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill, 2016, on Wednesday.

In the hit-and-run cases, the compensation has been proposed to be hiked from the current Rs 25,000 to Rs 2 lakh. Drunken driving will attract a fine up to Rs 10,000 instead of the present Rs 2,000. Over-speeding penalties have been raised from Rs 1,000 to Rs 4,000. Driving without licence will not cost Rs 5,000 instead of Rs 500. The fine for driving despite disqualification has been increased from Rs 500 to Rs 10,000.

An official press release explained the rationale for and the objective of the Bill. “Every year 5 lakh road accidents are reported in the country in which 1.5 lakh people lose their lives. Government is committed to reduce the accidents and fatalities by 50 per cent in five years.”

To address the issue of road safety, a draft Road Transport & Safety Bill was prepared soon after NDA Government came to power. However, most of the states have expressed reservations.

To address the issue of road safety and to improve the facilitation of the citizens while dealing with transport departments, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways Nitin Gadkari constituted a Group of Transport Ministers (GoM) of the States.  The GoM, headed by Transport Minister of Rajasthan Yoonus Khan, held three meetings. A total of 18 Transport Ministers from different political parties participated in these meetings and they have submitted three interim reports.

The GoM recommended that to address the pressing issue of road safety and improving transport scenario, the government should immediately bring amendments to the present Motor Vehicle Act. On the basis of recommendations of the GoM and other pressing requirements, MoRTH introduced the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill, 2016, for consideration of the Cabinet which cleared it.