Rahul’s Gujarat visit stage-managed?

Was Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s recent meeting with the victims of the cow protection committee in Gujarat for real? Apparently, some local party leaders have messed up badly. Eager to help Rahul gain more brownie points, they are said to have used questionable means to bestow a greater dramatic effect to the scene in which their leader meets the Dalit victims.

“It now emerges that Ramaben, the tearful woman whom Rahul met during his visit to the hospital assuming her to be the mother of one of the victims, was not even remotely connected to any of the youths,” says a report in www.firstpost.com,

Worse, the report adds, Gujarat Congress general secretary Hemang Vasavada has admitted that local party leaders had ‘planted’ Ramaben to make it visually more appealing.

Further, Ramaben is said to have a criminal background, with cases of bootlegging, extortion, and attempt to murder lodged against her. “She had also apparently campaigned in elections for Rajkot Congress MLA Indranil Rajyaguru and local councilor Vasram Sagathiya,” the report says.

When her real identity was revealed, Ramaben told the media, “I never said that I am his [victim’s] real mother but being from the Dalit community I am like his mother.”

Then there is a report in The Indian Express that just before Rahul landed in Rajkot, Ramesh Sarvaiya, a victim of the public flogging who had been discharged from the Junagadh civil hospital on 18 July, was re-admitted to the General Hospital in Rajkot, under alleged political pressure so that the Congress scion could meet him.