PMO favors third-party monitoring of projects by private parties

To ensure that its mantra of Minimum Government, Maximum Governance does translate into action, the Narendra Modi regime has identified 18 reforms which should have been already executed. The government believes that these reforms, which include third-party monitoring of projects by private parties, should be expedited.

In a note issued to ministries and departments, the Prime Minister’s Office has made it clear that action is expected in these areas by the end of this calendar year.

The PMO note has also directed officials not to depend only on the Niti Aayog for appraisal or monitoring. It has favored third-party monitoring by private parties for the sake of transparency. For this too, the deadline is December-end.

The PMO note has also emphasized on sunset clauses for schemes: that is, the point of completion of the scheme should be known at the time of its commencement.

Other measures suggested are aimed at making the life of the man on the street convenient. For instance, now one doesn’t have to wait for police verification to get a government job. Further, one can avail the facility of ration shop from anywhere in the country and get SC/ST certificates right after Class 5. Refunds from government departments would be time-bound and, in case of delay, interest would be paid. All government applications would be of one page.