Opposition makes a tryst with mad mullahs

The conflagration over a uniform civil code presents a curious spectacle: the Bharatiya Janata Party (which is retrograde according to Leftists and liberals) is pushing for liberal reforms, while the self-appointed champions of progress share the views of the most regressive, misogynist, and fundamentalist Muslims.

PTI quoted BJP national secretary Sidharth Nath Singh saying the Law Commission is taking opinion of all the stakeholders on the issue. Based on the feedback, the Commission would form a “considered opinion” and give it to the Supreme Court. “Now it is for the Muslim Personal Law Board to consider whether they want to be part of the stakeholders or they want to be an individual identity… If Personal Law Board people are misinformed, I cannot do much about it,” he said.

On Thursday, the All Indian Muslim Personal Law Board and other Muslim bodies expressed their vexation to the Law Commission’s questionnaire on uniform civil code. The BJP government was accused of waging a “war” against the community.

Then there was Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) president Asaduddin Owaisi. He said, “If you enforce something in the name of uniform civil code, then it will kill the diversity and plurality of the country. It’s not right to look at it from a Muslim perspective because Indian diversity also comprises of Dalits and Tribals (sic). There are different traditions in Hinduism as well.”

This from the guy whose forebears were committed to establishing an Islamic state in Hyderabad, whose comrades attack Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie, whose brother spews venom against Hindus!

The Congress, which regards itself as the sole proprietor of secularism, has no compunctions in being seen in the company of mad mullahs and hate-mongering politicians. Senior Congress leader and former law minister Veerappa Moily cited practical problems in the implementation of UCC. “In a country of this nature, implementation of uniform civil code is next to impossible,” he said.

Another super-secular party, the JD(U), is also opposed to the progressive reform. Party MP Ali Anwar accused the BJP government of focusing only on Muslims. “They want to polarize the society.”

The Communist Party of India (Marxist), which considers itself to be the gold standard of progress, is yet to comment on the subject, but it is doubtful if it has changed its view on it. The politburo had issued a statement on July 24, 2003, which read as: “Given the context of the offensive of communal politics practiced by the Hindutva platform and the ensuing insecurity among the minorities, particularly the Muslim community, the recommendation by the Supreme Court for a Uniform Civil Code, instead of helping ‘the cause of national integration,’ will have the reverse effect.”

In a nutshell, all the ‘secular’, ‘progressive’, and plurality-loving politicians have not only joined forces with the most bigoted, regressive, and jihad-compliant elements of India; they also don’t have any shame in being bracketed with the most despicable misogynists and reactionaries.