Govt to publish PM’s speeches

The government has decided to bring out an anthology of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speeches. It will be distributed free of cost to government employees.

The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has been entrusted with this assignment. Its Publication Division will do the job, which is scheduled to be completed in four months. According to the Ministry sources, the Prime Minister’s Office gave the order orally to the Secretary.

For once, the officials got jittery about the project, for the Prime Minister has made hundreds of speeches and often he has spoken extempore as well. Further, there is considerable political content in the speeches which needs to be edited, for the Publication Division is a government body and it would be improper for it to carry political statements. At the same time, the PMO is insisting that each and every speech gets published. The Gujarat cadre officer in charge of the project is specially insistent on unabridged speeches.

Using considerable ingenuity, the officials found a way out. They have constituted a three-member editorial board to undertake the assignment. It comprises eminent persons who are not hostile to the ruling dispensation: journalist Kanchan Gupta, Indira Gandhi National Arts Centre secretary Sachidanand Joshi, and academic Pushpesh Pant. Gupta and Joshi have agreed to be part of the project. The board is expected to be the protective shield for the officialdom.

Since the speeches are too many, they cannot be accommodated in a single volume. So, four volumes will be prepared.