Evolving with Subramanian Swamy: A Roller Coaster Ride

Nobody likes or dislikes Subramanian Swamy; they love or hate him. He is fortunate enough that his wife, Roxna, belongs to the first category. So, her memoir, Evolving with Subramanian Swamy: A Roller Coaster Ride, is a sympathetic account of the life and times of the senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader. Without any pretence.

Somebody who doesn’t know the couple personally, not even about Swamy’s role in Indian politics—somebody like, say, a Martian who has recently landed on earth—would find the couple a companionship of equals. Very different backgrounds—he from a traditional Tamil Brahmin family, she a Parsi—but both sharing several ideals and values, both with strong likes and dislikes, both headstrong and tough. And belligerent when the occasion arises, which does frequently.

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