Free India, unfree India Inc – Part 1

At a time when India is celebrating the 70th anniversary of Independence, it would be instructive to find how free India Inc is.

On the face of it, the answer is obvious: big industrials and business tycoons enjoy maximum freedom in every sense of the word. Aren’t they among the most powerful people (if not the most powerful people) in India, as also elsewhere? Doesn’t capitalism prevail everywhere? Capitalists set the agenda, keep politicians on their payoffs, mold public opinion by their ownership of the media and important institutions, and practically run the country. They are the real power behind the powerful.

Or so we are told by Leftists, intellectuals, parlor pinks, sundry analysts, and commentators. And since these worthies are usually wrong, the pertinent question remains there: are big industrialists freer today than they were during British rule? Our answer is a big ‘no.’

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  • arishsahani

    Hindus are selfish and corrupt all due to one reason we don’t have Hindu nation. No sense of belonging making us all thief.