Pathologies of Trump’s opponents

The reaction of the mainstream media and public figures to US President Donald Trump’s order pertaining to more rigorous screening of refugees and visitors from certain Muslim countries is much worse than biased; it is symptomatic of a deep psychopathic disorder.

Here is a democratically elected head of a government in a democracy who is redeeming his electoral pledge—and liberal media and almost every celebrity are berating him as if he were a tyrant, war-monger, or corrupt politician. The order bars the entry of nationals from seven countries—Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Iraq—for 90 days. This is not a blanket ban; there are exceptions for certain types of visas, e.g., for diplomats and the United Nations.

The order is also aimed at reviewing a single process for screening people entering the US. It calls for a blanket ban of all Syrian refugees until “sufficient changes” are made to the refugee programme. The Trump administration wants to give priority to the minorities suffering religious-based prosecution. This is in sync with Trump’s statement, in a television interview, that he would protect Christians and ethnic minorities like the Yazidis in the Middle East. By the way, this provision is not much different from the one that India made in September 2015 for the minority refugees from Bangladesh and Pakistan.

In short, what President Trump has done is make immigration to the US much more difficult and tight. The vehemence of liberals’ reaction is illiberal, irrational, and dangerous.

For he is doing what he always maintained that he would do if he got elected. This is the reason that most Americans are supporting him. According to a Reuters/Ipsos survey, 49 per cent of Americans support his executive order, while 41 per cent disagreed. To haul a democratically elected leader to carry out his electoral pledge militates against the spirit of democracy and liberalism. After all, he was elected by Americans, not Syrians, Iranians, Sudanese, or Somalis; he is answerable to his own countrymen, not to the rest of the world.

Second, the grounds on which he has signed the order are genuine, not fictitious. Terror incidents taking place in the US, and elsewhere, are caused by Muslims, not Hindus, Buddhists, or Sikhs. The danger from radical Islam is clear and present, but the liberal establishment is loath to accept this truth. Their god and Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, don’t even use the term ‘radical Islam’; he and his worshippers hide behind political correctness-inspired semantic artifices.

Third, refuge is something that can be requested, not demanded. It is the prerogative, not the duty, of a nation to give refuge to a person or a group; it is always within its rights to deny refuge. To say that the US is a country of immigrants is a red herring. For one, not every American accepts the country-of-immigrants doctrine. Conservative intellectuals like Samuel Huntington regard the US as a country of “settlers,” not immigrants. Further, waves of human migrations are well known in history; people from Iran, Turkey, central Asia, etc., have come and settled in our country; that, however, doesn’t mean that they have the right to seek refuge or settlement in India.

The fact that the top journalists, thought leaders, film stars, and sundry celebrities continue to haul Trump over the coals only underlines inveterate prejudices they harbor against him. The prejudices, and the words and actions emanating thereof, don’t diminish Trump; his opponents themselves are getting diminished.

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  • RamRani Yvette Rosser

    You have logically explained that you agree with tRump’s ban on people from certain majority Muslim nations. Then you erroneously claim that all the “liberals” and “sundry celebrities” are vehemently against tRump because of this reason only, but that judgement is a completely off course. The ban on visas for people from certain Muslim countries is way down on the list of the reasons people like me and so very many intelligent and caring and patriotic and sensible fellow Americans think that tRump is a horrible human being that can’t finish a coherent sentence, who wants to privatise education and destroy social security, and thinks it is his right to pollute the environment. He defended KKK and White Supremacists who were marching shouting racist slogans. Those kind of white people would actively work to deprive Ravi Kapoor his rights of free speech and property and would prefer that such brown people didn’t exist. His budget gives huge tax breaks to the richest citizens and defunds programs for the poorest citizens and aims to destroy the middle class. He guts agencies that protect the environment and educate our children. He drastically increased military spending for a military that is already larger than all the military power of all the other countries of the word combined. We are disgusted by the #45 president because he withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord and he wants coal plants to pour their effluents into our rivers. I have a grandson that is going to live on this earth… so obviously we should work with other countries such as India to clean up our environmental messes. tRump has had three divorces and four bankruptcies. He is a failure, a bigot and a lech. He is destroying my country.

    I too think certain people from certain countries should be carefully vetted prior to giving them a visa to be sure they are not terrorists. But the three most recent terrorist attacks in the USA were perpetrated by American-born Muslims, not immigrants. tRump is bad for America and he is bad for the world. Intelligent people the world over are looking at him and laughing at his inept, uninformed stupidity. He is an embarrassment! That he really sucks is a commonly agreed upon observation backed up by seven months of his stupid mistakes and shameful missteps. There hasn’t been an American ambassador in Delhi since he was inaugurated in January when he fired practically the whole State Department. That is no way to run a county. He is dragging the USA to a new low. Deplorable, detestable, and demonic Donald tRump. GROSS!!
    ( tRump like tRex an extinct monster with a loud roar and destructive tail but very little hands.)