There is no corruption in India

We, the people of India, live in the best of all possible worlds.

After barbaric Muslim rule, the exploitative British Raj, and the ineffectual Congress (and Congress-like) regimes lasting almost seven decades, a new dawn is on the horizon. The Hindu-hridaya samrat, Narendra Modi, is at the helm of affairs. The Indian century has begun. Economic growth and development will break all records. There will be unprecedented peace and amity in the country. Our international rivals, Pakistan and China, will be tamed by Modiji. The demonetization move has already ended black money. Modiji’s glorious rule has ended corruption in India, a testimony to it being the awarding of Padma Vibhushan to Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) president Sharad Pawar.

Rival politicians, of course, will say what they have to. So, Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray said the award “guru-dakshina.” Thackeray was referring to Modiji’s statement in November last year at a function in which he had said, “I have personal respect for Sharadrao. I was Gujarat chief minister. He helped me walk by holding my finger. I feel proud to pronounce this publicly.”

Cynics are imputing motives to Modiji’s magnanimity. They are pointing out that in October 2014, he had called the NCP a “Naturally Corrupt Party.” In the run-up to the state Assembly polls, Modiji had said that it is not a Rashtravadi (nationalist) party, but a “bhrashtacharvadi” (corrupt) party. “NCP is naturally corrupt. Since the time the party was born nothing has changed, their leaders have remained the same. Do you know what their clock [party symbol] means? The clock shows 10 minutes past 10 which means in 10 years they have increased their corrupt activities 10 times,” he said. “If they [NCP] are voted to power once again, they will now increase their corruption 15 times.”

What Modiji’s detractors don’t acknowledge is fact that the statements during election campaigns should not be taken seriously; they are just jumlas, as Amit Shahji enlightened the nation some time ago. Besides, Modiji must have realized in his third year in office that his party’s charges of venality against the Right Honorable Pawar and other honorable politicians don’t make much sense. Corruption perhaps is just maya, an illusion that haunts people and political parties.

Even the Bharatiya Janata Party was under the impression that there was a lot of corruption in our country. Many of their leaders hurled a lot of accusations at such honorable men and women as Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, P. Chidambaram, Jayanthi Natarajan, Suresh Kalmadi, A. Raja, and Robert Vadra. Most of the BJP leaders have fallen in line, except Subramanian Swamy. This is the reason that the government has not supported him in his case against Sonia and Rahul in the National Herald case.

Now that corruption has ended and a golden age has commenced, our great nation will soon become Vishwa-guru.

  • knaraya936

    I presume this article is tongue-in-cheek, or some attempt at crazy satire. If so, then we can all have a hearty laugh over it. But there are serious undertones to the current state of India and where it is headed regarding minimum government and maximum governance – lots of important issues like the devolution of failing PSU’s, devolution of Govt from the banking sector, are not being addressed speedily by the current administration.