Left would like Wonder Woman in burqa

The perversity of multiculturalists is beyond the pale. They hate everything that normal people love, and vice-versa. They keep waging a war against universal ideals, commonsense, and reason. The ire that UN staffers and women’s groups have shown towards Wonder Woman is a recent instance the incorrigibility of the politically correct.

Over 1,400 UN staffers and women’s groups have opposed that Wonder Woman has been made as the world body’s honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls. They are against the depiction of the superheroine, who has fought an assortment of villains in her 75-year career, as a role model. Perhaps, they would prefer a burqa-clad woman to replace Wonder Woman—and I am not being sarcastic, for there are quite a few Leftists and feminists who have discovered ennobling virtues of the burqa, a most misogynist instrument.

It is almost mandatory for feminists to support the Muslim veil. Consider an article with the self-evident title, ‘Feminists are failing Muslim women by supporting racist French laws,’ in The Guardian in July 2015. The author Christine Delphy wrote: “In these conditions, wearing an ostensible religious sign has one of many possible meanings, or all of them: it may mean Muslim women expressing solidarity with people of the same racial group; it may mean an attempt to escape that condition by taking refuge in the spirituality that religion offers them; it may be an unspoken way of showing defiance towards the establishment. Scarf-wearing women share patriarchal oppression, with the added handicap of racial discrimination.”

Notice the red-herrings added to divert attention from the real issue—the oppression of Muslim women by way of burqa. The fact of oppression has been veiled with the typical postmodern duplicity—“many possible meanings.” Spirituality is another ruse, as also is the suggested rebellion—“defiance towards the establishment.” With a hint of racism thrown in, the claptrap gains the respectability of a scholarly argument.

Delphy is blind to the fact that burqa-clad women, who are themselves oppressed, cannot express their solidarity with any group. The person who has been doctrinally, socially, and culturally subjugated (as women in Islam are; wearing burqa being the surest sign of the slavery) is incapable of supporting anybody else. Similarly, taking refuge in the spirituality of religion, one may wear anything—or nothing in some cases. Communion with God doesn’t have a dress code.

Unfortunately, Delphy is not the only intellectual who refuses to see the truth; intellectuals blindfolding themselves to the Islamic reality are a legion. There is Kiraz Janicke, an activist for Sidney Socialist Alliance, who wrote in Green Left weekly on October 8, 2010, “‘Burqa revolution’ is a contribution to the current debate about the burqa and the disturbing rise of anti-Muslim extremism… in Europe…around the world… [and in] … Australia… In the New South Wales Legislative Council, arch-fundamentalist Christian MLC Fred Nile has introduced a private member’s bill seeking to ban the wearing of the burqa. This anti-Muslim extremism is a product of a sustained ideological campaign of Islamophobia by the media and mainstream politicians—not only to bolster support for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but… to scapegoat a sector of the population for the growing social problems stemming from the crisis of capitalism itself… A recurring theme of this ideological campaign to convince us that Muslims are ‘alien’ to the ‘Western way of life’ is that Islam oppresses women. Thus we have ‘feminist’ arguments being used to justify the bloody war in Afghanistan, which has killed thousands of innocent women and children, as a mission to ‘liberate’ women, and hypocritical rhetoric about ‘defending women’s rights’ from politicians who at the same time are attacking women’s rights and services here in Australia.”

So, the real villains are the West, capitalism—that is, everything but the Islamist ideology. Janicke is quite clear about her thesis: Not only would banning the burqa constitute a violation of religious freedom, it is also racist because it holds only one sector of society responsible for sexism: Muslims. This false counter-position of Islam (as an oppressor of women’s rights) vs the enlightened West (as defenders of women’s rights), serves to distract from the inherent sexism of our own society.”

It is not just the Left loonies who are promoting the pernicious idea that there is dignity in burqa; the idea gets support even from the unlikeliest quarters. In July 2010, Caroline Spelman, environment secretary and the second most powerful woman in the UK Cabinet at that time, said that “the burqa confers dignity.”

Spelman said, “For them [Muslim women] the burqa confers dignity, it’s their choice, they choose to go out dressed in a burqa and I understand that it is a different culture from mine but the fact is in this country women want to be free to choose whether or not to cover their heads, whether or not to go out in the morning wearing a burqa, that’s for them.”

Come to think of it, these are the words of a woman from a party that boasts Margaret Thatcher as one of its tallest leaders. Spelman went on, “We are a free country, we attach importance to people being free, and for a woman it is empowering to be able to choose each morning when you wake up what you wear.”

The high-ranking member of the ruling Conservative Party uses the principles of her country and of liberalism to justify… slavery, the burqa is that only.

If gold rusts, what shall iron do? If the party of Thatcher, that great champion of liberty, can produce jihad-compliant leaders, it is not surprising to see the multiculturalism-infested UN to oppose a Western icon that represents universal values.

Shazia Rafi, former secretary-general of the Parliamentarians for Global Action, helped draft the petition against Wonder Woman. The petitioners have urged UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to torpedo the appointment. Wonder Woman, Rafi alleged, is just a “muscular Barbie doll,” whose services are not required because “there are enough credible living models, we don’t need a mascot or a cartoon.”

According to the petition, Wonder Woman is “a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions, scantily clad in a shimmery, thigh-baring body suit with an American flag motif and knee high boots—the epitome of a ‘pin-up’ girl.”

That is the crux of the matter: Wonder Woman is everything that every girl wants to be and, for this very reason, feminists and Leftists hate her. Perhaps they would love to drape her in a burqa, thus making her dignified, diverse, and politically correct.