Cong, bleeding hearts expose themselves on Yakub


The hanging of Yakub Memon has apparently given a fresh lease of life to the Left-liberal mafia and other anti-Hindu elements, affording them an opportunity to castigate ‘communal’ Hindu forces and talk about the anti-Muslim ‘bias’ in the system. This is despite the fact that the mass murderer was given every possible opportunity to defend himself: the Supreme Court made itself available to hear his pleas, including one in the last night of his life; the President deliberated upon his mercy petitions twice, and the Maharashtra Governor the same once. And yet the truth-hating intellectuals persist with their fulminations and shenanigans.

The most poignant and apparently humanitarian shenanigan is the questioning of the very morality of death sentence—only God has the right to deprive a man of his life, if a court can’t give life, how can it snatch one, civilized nations are removing it from their statute books, and so on. And the media is always able to find some rambling descendant of Gandhi who usually adds tons of bullshit to any discussion on the issue; the stench reaches far and wide, badly polluting the climate of opinion.

The opponents of death sentence have an infinite faith in the infinite corrigibility of all human beings. The faith is misplaced, for there are individuals like Ravindra Kumar who has confessed the killing and raping of several, perhaps dozens of, kids; and there are the jihadists who rape, murder, and torture men, women, and children with impunity and—unlike Ravindra who admits to wrongdoing—justify their acts. So, while most people may be infinitely corrigible, there are individuals and groups that deserve the gallows after the due process of law.

The second shenanigan pertains to linking Bombay blasts that Yakub, his brothers, and others engineered to the riots in the city that took place a few months earlier. The sick syllogism is: Hindus carried out the riots and Muslims triggered the blasts; but only Muslims have been punished, so bias is entrenched in the system. QED.

It is like a contract killer arguing that Dawood Ibrahim got hundreds of people killed, while I have murdered only a few people, so if you hang me you are prejudiced against me because Dawood has not been punished.

Unfortunately, this line of argumentation is presented not by some hardened criminal by senior politicians and prominent intellectuals. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said, “Should the state be reducing itself to the level of murderers and terrorists by taking human life?”

Whether or not there should be death penalty is a much-debated subject, but to equate a state that does not bar it with murderers and terrorists is taking one’s position to preposterous lengths. What makes Tharoor’s remarks more preposterous is the fact his own character is not above reproach; he has a lot of explaining to do in the murder of his wife Sunanda; he has been accused of concealing several facts regarding the murder—the accusations that have not been refuted—and yet he has the cheek to appear as a great humanist.

And then there is the shameless Muslim appeaser, Digvijay Singh. He tweeted, “Yakub Memon hanged. Exemplary urgency and commitment has been shown by Govt and Judiciary in punishing an accused of Terror.” Further, he said, “I hope similar commitment of Govt and Judiciary would be shown in all cases of Terror irrespective of their Caste Creed and Religion.”

As an Opposition leader, he is within his rights to slam the government, but the judiciary? And this after the painstaking scrutiny by the judges at all levels! Are there any levels below which Singh won’t stoop to?

Typically, and very conveniently, the Congress has said that the statements made by Tharoor and Singh are their personal views. The point, however, is that these views are not nuances on some technical issue like, say, the GST Bill and the proposed amendment to the land acquisition law; what these gents are saying undermine the very foundations of our republic. The mindsets of the duo are in consonance with notorious Islamists like Asaduddin Owaisi and Muslim Political Council of India Tasleem Ahmad Rehmani.

Then there are holier-than-thou commies. Communist Party of India boss Sitaram Yechury said that over 100 countries have abolished the death penalty because it has proven to be ineffective. Well, Article 19 of the Indian Constitution, which ensures the right to freedom of expression, has also proved to be ineffective, as the sphere of liberty shrinks in our country, so should it too be done away with? Besides, not every country has a terrorist state as its neighbor.  

But facts do not bother Yechury, who went on to say that “terrorism in our country knows no religion and is not confined to any region.” The reference, clearly, is to the supposed presence of ‘Hindu terror,’ despite the fact that nothing has been proved in the court of law after so many years.

Reds, fellow-traveling intellectuals, and the grand old party have been desperately trying to appear as the champions of Muslims by using every trick, including maligning of the judiciary, but they have started looking the merchants of mendacity.


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