Capital sentence for Morsi: Good riddance


On the face of it, death sentence for the first democratically elected president of a nation who was is bad news. In the case of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, however, one has to make an exception, for he represents the evilest force in the world—jihad.

Well, apologists for Islam and naive liberals tell us that jihad actually means ‘internal jihad’, that what al-Qaeda, Taliban, Lashkar, and a myriad other groups are doing is ‘not about Islam’; they tell us many more fairy tales which we can believe to be true only at our own expense. Capital sentence for Morsi, who was president between June 2012 to July 2013, is good news because it is the result of a Muslim country’s resolve to liquidate a person who strove to revive all the barbarities and abominations of jihad—the barbarity that unleashed a series of massacres and genocides in an ancient country, ultimately wiping out a grand civilization except its monuments it had left behind; the barbarity that reduced the number of Christians to one-tenth of the population, and Morsi wanted to annihilate even them; the abomination of keeping womenfolk as subhuman creatures, who are good only for sex, procreation, and daily chores, and who can be dumped at will; the abomination of shackling the human mind.

Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood are not only despicable and cruel but also clever. The Arab Spring, which had begun in anger and frustration at the establishment in the Arab world, which was a rebellion against the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak, was soon successfully hijacked by Islamists who were more organized, resourceful, and ruthless than any other grouping. The consequences were calamitous, especially for the minorities and women.

Soon after assuming office, Morsi and his gang started tormenting the Coptic Christians, imposing restrictions on women, throttling any dissent, and freeing the most depraved terrorists. Among them was Mostafa Hamza, a leader of a jihadist outfit Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya. His deadliest attack was the Luxor Massacre.Six terrorists, dressed as security personnel, stormed Luxor, a tourist spot in Egypt, killed two police officers, and murdered three score men, women, and children, 58 of them being foreign nationals.

This did not satisfy their bloodthirstiness; they even mutilated the bodies of their victims. A victim who got injured but survived narrated the carnage: “It went on for a long time, an hour or an hour and a half. The terrorists came back again and again; they danced and sang,” she said. They also chopped off the ears and noses of many victims; inside a disemboweled body, they inserted a note lauding Islam.

That Morsi had friends like Hamza was not surprising. As a Muslim supremacist, the former Egyptican President always wanted the extirpation of Israel and death of all Jews. In a 2010, he had called Jews the “descendants of apes and pigs.”

At home, the Muslim Brotherhood under Morsi introduced a Shariat-compliant constitution that included laws like marriage for girls aged nine. While he was President, unveiled women were assaulted. Article 2 made the “principles of Islamic Shariat” the main sources of legislation. Further, blasphemy was criminalized, aimed primarily at the Christian community, much like in Pakistan.

This is the time for comeuppance. Charged with killing, kidnapping, and other offences during a major jail break in 2011, Morsi has been convicted and sentence to death.